DaJAngband Future plans

changes/new stuff already added for the next release:
- separate level feelings for danger & treasure. Each artifact now has its own rating (like ego-types already did).
- option to turn off level feelings entirely (This would turn on a much milder version of auto-levelscum at the same time).
- cheat option to have everything automatically identified on pickup.
- CHAR_MULTI flag now works correctly. This means that mimmics can actually be mistaken for the object that they mimmic.
- normal detect monsters shouldn't detect hidden monsters (or maybe hidden monsters are only revealed if they're in line of sight), instead have a separate detect hidden spell or make detect invisible detect hidden monsters. Potion of monster detection and rod of detection should be only devices which detect ALL monsters.
- new significant changes to the monster list.
- certain dungeon monsters can appear in the town as a weaker version (but never at the very beginning of the game).
- statues & fountains added for flavor. Also, trees and statues will never be placed in doorways. TUNNELing bonuses do extra damage to trees and statues (because they're like walls).
- variable sized monster nests.
- occational levels which aren't as big as normal levels (but they're never very small either)
- objects can be dropped (and stay) in a doorway now.
- exploding ammo ego and everburning torch/lantern ego added.
- create traps scroll / monster spell now may create traps on spaces with objects or monsters (but doesn't always).
- the phial is no longer randomized in randart games (because it's always the same anyway).
- egos in the black marget are fully IDed now (random ability/resist/sustain isn't hidden).
- group size if reduced for monsters which are supposed to come in small groups (includes hounds).
- monsters are allowed to cast any of the following spells before they have noticed the PC: BLINK, INVIS, TPORT, DARKNESS, HEAL, HEAL_KIN, and HEAL_OTHR.
- added potion of resist poison.
- resist silver & resist slime added to random resistances.
- removed NO_SLEEP from hounds.
- 'zap' and 'aim' commands combined into one (currently either 'a' or 'z' will work for both, but later I'll probably make it only 'z'). This eliminates the stupidity that swaps the two commands between the roguelike and numpad keysets.
- spikes are more useful: automatically uses up to 7 in one turn, bashing doors is slightly easier for the PC.
- cumulative FRENZY effect, also amnesia should make charm more severe
- scoring system redone.
- rogues, alchemists and kobolds recognise types of dart traps.
- distance range of monster spells is reduced in town.

some possible future plans:
(these are things I may or may not ever get around to implementing.)
- copy autostart from new V.
- have monsters attack each other sometimes.
- rare helpful monsters besides just the ones called by the call help spell.
- max depths for all objects & egos (would be a soft cap- not a 100% block).
- player invisibility (ring/potion/spell). Most ghost/wraith-type undead and any animals with the SCENT flag (not yet implemented) would still know where the player is.
- race-specific ESP (for *slay* egos and some artifacts), also different levels of normal ESP.
- chose a stat to raise by 1 every certain about of levels (probably every 5 levels).
- stat draining wears off after a while.
A few less likely possible plans:
- cursed wands with possible backfire.
- item you can pick up which confers fire resistance on the rest of your pack (and maybe others for acid/cold/elec).
- maybe change "know complete monster info" to a birth option (instead of cheat)
- incorporeal effect for some ghosts (50% chance to ignore any physical attack). Lower their HP and/or ac noticably to balance.

known bugs in 1.1.2:
- magic staffs don't always reveal (+0 +0) when pseudo as average. (not fixed yet, also in previous versions)
- "tried" inscription dissapears from magic staffs when you get a pseudo-ID. (supposed to do this for weapons, but for magic staffs, you want to remember whether you tried (Z)apping it yet.) (not fixed yet, also in previous versions)
- non-standart speed boosts (from the priest Godspeed spell and the tourist's speed spell among others) dissapear when the game is saved and re-loaded.
- When you kill a unique which is unseen, it adds a "Killed it" message to the character history. (will be fixed for next release)
- Activations on armor or (randart) throwing weapons do not recharge if you are wielding a light source that needs fuel. (will be fixed for next release)

known bugs in 1.1.1:
- declining to climb rubble still takes a turn (also in previous version). <-fixed for 1.1.2
- sometimes an ego with a random power gets throwing might (which uses a pval), but doesn't get a pval. <-fixed for 1.1.2
- if a monster is immune to fire/cold, you learn that it is hurt by fire/cold. <-fixed for 1.1.2
- the game lets you chose the blank classes at birth. <-fixed for 1.1.2
- !temporary boost doesn't wear of when it boosts strength. <-fixed for 1.1.2
- garnets are sometimes invisible in tiles mode (assigned to wrong tile -a blank one). <-fixed for 1.1.2

known bugs in 1.1.0:
- the object list doesn't update correctly. <-fixed for 1.1.1
- telekinesis is messed up (has multiple bugs, probably in previous releases also). <-fixed for 1.1.1

known bugs in 1.0.99:
- hidden attributes on randarts (I consider that a bug anyway) <-fixed for 1.1.0
- power sprite race character history is sometimes messed up. <-fixed for 1.1.0
- see invisible doesn't let you see monsters which are temporarily invisible. <-fixed for 1.1.0
- when arrows get brand/slays from a bow, it sometimes reads flags from the bow which aren't there. I'm pretty sure this only affects the artifact bows Amrod and Amras, but it makes them significantly more powerful. <-fixed for 1.1.0
- flags from weapon in shield slot (usually main gauche) can add extra blows to melee. <-fixed for 1.1.0
- sometimes disturbs when it's not supposed to. (was also in previous versions) <-fixed for 1.1.0
- alchemy-realm restore memories spell can make you end up with a negative amount of silver poison. <-fixed for 1.1.0
- slime and silver poison display doesn't always update when it should <-fixed for 1.1.0
- doesn't display correct damage for acid-coated ammo. <-fixed for 1.1.0
- wizard lock spell doesn't work when targetted a space with an object <-fixed for 1.1.0
- potion of see invisible effect often only lasts 2 turns <-fixed for 1.1.0
- Elven cloaks with cursed egos pseudo as {splendid} instead of {worthless} <-fixed for 1.1.0
- Monsters sometimes summon even if all spaces are filled and no new monsters can be brought in. <-fixed for 1.1.0, but this still may happen with monster which don't have the SMART flag.

known bugs in 1.0.98:
- teleport control won't let you teleport to a space with an object or trap. <-Fixed for 1.0.99
- if you have stealth higher than 10, monsters will sometimes fall asleep while you're fighting them. <- Fixed for 1.0.99
- staff of zapping effect doesn't always zap when it should (never zaps sleeping monsters). <- fixed for 1.0.99 (was probably also in 1.0.97).
- darkvision STILL lets you see invisible <- fixed for 1.0.99 (really this time).
- weapons with the DANGER flag never hit yourself (but still have "sometimes hits yourself" in the weapon description). <- fixed for 1.0.99
- randarts get sentient alignments way too often and can have both good and evil alignments at the same time. <- fixed for 1.0.99
- thrown weapon randarts get flags which only have an effect if you can wield them. <- fixed for 1.0.99
- some monsters' hit dice don't work (the ones with 200d3 kinda stuff), They end up with much less hps than they should have. <- fixed for 1.0.99

known bugs in 1.0.97:
- crash when identifying the sling of snowballs <-fixed for 1.0.98.
- orb of draining doesn't always destroy cursed objects <- fixed for 1.0.98
- hit by 'it' which wasn't an invisible monster <- fixed, now you'll always notice adjacent mosnters.
- can drop too many things in the home <- turned it from a bug into a feature. In 1.0.98, you don't have to take other stuff out first before taking out the last couple things when your home is full.
- random resist thing on some egos choses from the completely wrong set of flags. <- fixed for 1.0.98
- crash when using a staff of zapping against monsters with PASS_WALL who are in a wall. <- fixed for 1.0.98
- scroll of rune of protection creates a rune but doesn't get used up when read from the floor (bug from vanilla 3.0.9) <- fixed for 1.0.98
- darkvision lets you see invisible <- fixed for 1.0.98 (at least I thought so)
- detect invisible scroll or spell doesn't detect monsters which are temporarily invisible <- fixed for 1.0.98
- temporary light for cameral flash spell doesn't work quite right. (fixed?)

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