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it overflows
it oozes from your fingertips
which you use to mold this clay
all these pieces of clay
cannot be denied
cannot be dropped nor left behind
nowhere you can go where it is out of sight
just open your eyes
with arms outstretched
follows your forever through the darkness
through the fog it shines a light
waiting to be received
so that you can know
you are ever beloved


      Here's a sampling of my poems, the first two which are separted from the others are ones I chose which show where my own passion is more than the others. Look below the line of titles to find other things to look into here.

(click on the title to read the poem)

I Hope They Think You're Crazy
Heaven So Near

The Bazaar
Centipede (Parable) / Happens Every Day - two short poems
Charles McCarthy's Banshee
A Clack Bat is the Luckiest Thing
Empty Except For God
The Flea Circus
From the Lover To the Whore
The Lover and The Whore (Trilogy)
Nothing To Hide
The Princess
Trigonometry and The Glory of God
Well Wisher

   and a few more recent poems:
Hold My Hand

If you like them let me know by using the email link below or you can find me on Facebook.

      I starting writing novels when I was about fifteen. I have removed the sample chapters of the first version of both books which had been here on the website. I may or may not eventually get around to rewriting my first two novels to make them better as I had planned to do. More likely, I will go on to write other things. A page describing my first two novels.

      Twice now, I've done this challenge as a part of national novel writing month which is based on a book called "no plot, no problem." by Chris Baty (which by the way, I haven't got around to reading yet, but it has been highly recommended to me..). The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. The first time I did it, I lengthened my goal to 45 days, but at least I met the goal I set for myself. Then two years later, the third time I did the challenge I finished in the one month goal time. (The second time I did it, I quit in the middle so that hardly counts.) Anyway I'm posting this rather bizzare and fun story here for anyone to read because I don't plan on ever publishing it. It's the novel I wrote the first time I did this challenge: And Now For Something Completely Nickle. I plan to possibly someday rewrite and try to publish the second novel which I finished in the novel-writing challenge.

      More recently I wrote a story which is kind of a novella (too long to be a short story but too short to be a novel) called the Ghost Hunters. It's a children's story about some kids who find some ghosts on a camping trip. I think it might actually be good enough to publish.

      My Dictionary of Monsters is now finished and available! (with over 170 entries) I wrote it because I have always been interested in mythology, fairy tales and the like, and interested in the fictional races, animals, and monsters in them.
To Monster Dictionary Page

      I once created a computer game using the Adventure Maker program, but the place I was hosting it stopped hosting it, and I lost it on my computer when my dad upgraded to WinXP. So it no longer exists. oh well. There was a bug in it anyway that I didn't realize was there until after the site had stopped hosting it which made it so absolutely nothing happened when you won the game. Which would make for something of an anticlimax and people asking "did I win or not?" I don't think much people ever played it anyway.
More recently, I made my own variant of a completely different game I like called Angband: DaJAngband available here

Some of my favorite Links.

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